Participation of IPA “Generals of the World – for Peace” in EVENTI2019: NEEW. The celebration was amazing!

Here comes the bright celebration of Winners – the international conference EVENTI2019: NEEW! The International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace” was lucjy to be there and take part in such amazing event.

Delegation of IPA “Generals of the World – for Peace” included: President, Police Major General Anatoly SKARGHIN, Vice-President, Director of the St. Petersburg Police College Oleg YARUKHIN, and the head of marketing department Alexey VARYGHIN.

The event, which was held at the Indira Gandhi Olympic Stadiumin in Delhi, the capital city of India, brought together more than 20,000 people from 50 countries . The event lasted 3 days and 3 evenings. Many participants got acquainted with the mission of the company – oncoming launching of the New Economic Evolution of the World, and saw with their own eyes what multilevel crowdinvestment is capable of.

People learned how to manage money, became aware of recipes for success from owners of the first checks of the company, heard the truth of how to succeed in a promising industry which gives real freedom to a person, charged themselves with stories of success and the most powerful energy of leaders of SWIG and CRU, became a part of  atmosphere of success and received a powerful motivation for action!


Guests were accommodated in 9 hotels in Delhi! From Australia to the United States, amost all continents participated in the grand celebration.

The event went at the highest level. No other company in human history hardly ever had such a large, spectacular event! Including security of the event and organization of spectacular shows!

It was a great spiritual celebration! The talents of organizational management and the unity of SWIG team were revealed on the event.

At the ebent, few partner trainings took place, and they were broadcasted on three large-sized screens with interpretation in 4 languages.


The peoples of the world want to live in peace and harmony!

We have created a platform for unification!

Commemorative photos with the Flag of the International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace” – a symbol of Peace and Stability!

On behalf of the International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace” I would like to express gratitude to the organizer of the grand event – the 5th anniversary of SWIG – to Andrey HOVRATOV and his team for this opportunity – to COMMUNICATE, to TRAIN and to spend time comfortably in the circle of like-minded people!

Dear Andrey Fedorovich! For 5 years you have created such a structure, with a clear management system with a viable team of professionals, with the ability to work in any conditions, which sets an ambitious  challenge – to unite a billion residents from 175 countries in the new economic evolution of the world.

Together we will be able to solve many global burning problems includning environmental, safety, poverty, to stop local wars and arms race, we will be able to influence positively the world crises.

Being the head of the Investment Board and the club of millionaires in our association, and having trained more than 600,000 people and launched 22 investment programs, dear Andrei Fyodorovich, you continue to be one of the leaders of the peacekeeping movement, you have already formed teams of peacekeepers in 20 countries and have trained their leaders.

The team of peacekeepers of IPA”Generals of the World – for Peace” highly appreciates our cooperation with the SWIG group of companies, the contribution of managers and you personal contribution to the peacekeeping movement. We are deeply grateful for your support and participation in the activities of IPA “Generals of the World – for Peace” and we are glad to be a part of the NEEW concept, we are going to promote the ideas of the new evolution of the world. We are so much the same in our common philosophy of Man of the Future – an economically educated and successful person living in a prosperous world.

Sincerely, the team of peacekeepers

Watch the video of EVENTI2019, celebration of SWIG: