Students of St. Petersburg Police College swear a Solemn Oath of Loyalty to Russia

On November 20, 2019  a significant event  happened – students of St. Petersburg Police College swore a solemn oath of loyalty to Russia. Traditionally, the event has been held for many years under the auspices of “Generals of the World – for Peace”.

St. Petersburg Police College and the International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace”  have been partners for 8 years.

Director of St. Petersburg Police College – Vice-President of the International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace” Oleg YARUHIN speaking:

“I want to tell about this significant event which traditionally takes place in our college for many years under the auspices of “Generals of the World – for Peace”. 225 boys and girls has sworn a solemn oath of loyalty to Russia, many of them have received the honored paratrooper badges. We do not change our traditions, we only do them better.  And the number of friends of our college amounts to few thousands. Those are honored persons of Russia, generals, officers,  politicians, artists, people of various ranks and positions, men of the cloth, and, which is the most important, those are our applicants and students who believe us, who trust in us, because faith has to be deserved, and it is rather hard to do. Good deal of time has to pass till trust comes. And the trust is very easy to lose by committing at least one reckless act.

Over the years, we have brought up a lot of patriots whom we are not ashamed of and whom we can be proud of. Today  our graduates serve in various positions throughout Russia. At the stage of study we already make qualitative selection to exclude or reduce the  reject rate among  future employees.  And with all of this, the state does not spend any money. We call it  “PATRIOTISM AT THE EXPENSE OF STUDENTS’ PARENTS AND TEACHERS OF OUR COLLEGE”.

At the moment we swear the Oath, we feel the movement of our great state, today we have touched history, as if we have touched the walls of buildings that the emperor Peter I could have helped to build, or saw Catherine II riding the horse, and so on”.

The event took place in Petropalovsky Fortress in ATRIUM of a governor’s house.

“If we are to reach real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children” (Mahatma Gandhi).

We want to thank all those who are indifferent to the young generation of Russia and takes  part in the creation of a strong state with a strong spirit and faith in a bright future…
Special thanks to:

The leader of the FAIR RUSSIA political party of Russia Sergey Mironov.
Police General Lieutenant Yuri Zhdanov -President of the All-Russian Police Association

Natalia Kulikova – Vice President of the All-Russian Police Association

General Major of Militia – Sergey Sidoenko – President of the RUBOP Veterans League, member of IPA “Generals of the World – for Peace”

Major General of Militia – Nikolay Fedorov

Major General of Militia Vladimir Martynenko

Lieutenant General – Vladimir Constantinov

Police Colonel – Vladimir Rekislov, Vice President of the UPA (IPA),

Lieutenant General – Victor Kazantsev

Colonel of Militia – Valeria Demchenko

Colonel of Justice – Larisa Samarina

Colonel of Internal Service – Alexey Lukashevich

Colonel of Internal Service – Mikhail Levitanus

Gennady Boldyrev (Volya of St. Petersburg)

And to the team of college and to all who care about the young generation of Russia.

A photo with the flag of  IPA “Generals of the World – for Peace”- a symbol of Peace and Stability!