New Year Greetings from the Moscow Suvorov Military School students:

Dear friends, citizens, brothers and sisters, soldiers and employees!

Accept our kindest wishes in the coming New year and Christmas!

We wish you good health and spirit, wellbeing, love and gratitude for parents, warmth and care for children, respect for colleagues, fortitude in protection of truth and justice.

Let all your good intentions and thoughts come true, and faith, hope and love always flourish in your houses.

We express special gratitude to all who guards the Homeland today and performs the duty at distant boundaries, who with just work and fair service helps people at hard moments, and who even on the New Year’s Eve cares for our safety and defends the country.

Dear friends! Let’s forgive each other all offenses and misunderstanding, let’s meet the New Year with families, let’s feel love and care waiting for Christmas.

Also, let’s say a toast for prosperity and wellbeing of our Homeland!

We wish you peace, well-being and good faith!

The Moscow Suvorov Military School students