In the Lebanese-Israeli War, a number of researchers conducted an experiment: a group of people were trained to “feel” the peace inside. At a specially appointed time, those people were delivered to the war-torn regions in the Middle East. And when, in the midst of all the nightmare, they became full of peace inside, then terrorism came to an end, crimes went down, the number of victims taken to hospitals and the number of traffic fatalities decreased.


When those people stopped focusing on feeling the peace inside, everything resumed its usual course. The experiment have proved earlier discoveries: IF EVEN A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE FINDS AN INTERNAL FEELING OF PEACE AND COMFORT, THE FEELING WILL HAVE AN EFFECT ON THE  WORLD AROUND.  The researchers have figured out the number of people with a sense of peace in their souls which was enough for having effect on the surroundings. For example, a city with a million-plus  population would require approximately 100 peaceful people. And for a region with 6 billion population, it would be less than 8,000.

The formula accounts only the minimum of people required to begin the process of the world recovery. The more people have the sense of peace inside, the faster the desired effect comes. The experiment was called the International Project for Peace in the Middle East, and its results were published by the Conflict Resolution Journal (1988). The universe stands on people who have love and peace in their souls. They are the backbone, the basis of human civilization. They do not complain, do not condemn imperfections of the world, do not despise the “matrix.” They don ‘t call for others to escape the system. They just do their business, decorate their lives for the benefit of themselves, and they do not even think of the fact that their personal well-being is saving this world from destruction.

“Peacemaker” is made of two words: “peace” and “maker,” so peacemakers are those who make   peace and tranquillity,

And nothing on Earth can be more noble than this mission.