The New Economic Evolution of Peace as a wave of love is spreading over the planet! 43 countries, 4 languages, 390 leaders of SWIG!!!


On June 3-5, 2019 the International Public Association “Generals of the World — for Peace” participated in a closed workshop with partners of SWIG who had proved themselves and showed the best results.

The workshop took place in Victoria Hotel in Minsk. The congress hall was filled with incredible atmosphere of unity and total confidence in the chosen direction.

43 countries, 4 languages, 390 leaders of SWIG united as one stream to promote the fastest realization of the New Economic Evolution of Peace.

The training was aimed at reloading in the multilevel crowd-investing business, and to direct participants to a new vector of personal development.

A creator and a founder of the New Economic Evolution of Peace Andrey HOVRATOV.


Within 3 days the leaders of SWIG were being told about plans of the company;

They got answers to all questions;

They shared insider information;

They participated in a powerful training;

They were announced new conditions of a provision on representative offices of SWIG;

They were trained to make perfect presentations;

They outlined massive work;

A schedule of conferences has been planned.

The event was aimed at training of progressive part of the population for new economic challenges in today’s economic conditions – unemployment, robotization, economic crises, market globalization which cause problems in small and medium business.

For a short time the participants have gained knowledge of living and developing in comfortable environment notwithstanding the today’s environment. To be protected from any problems which may arise in the today’s interconnected world economy.

And the most important, this small part of the population – participants of the event – has become deliverers of the New Economic Evolution of Peace!!!

All participants visited the Skyway Science and Technology Park where they saw how the problems of environment, traffic jams and application of advanced technologies in transport are solved. On the 3rd day all representatives were given valuable presents, the participants took part in a big photoshoot.

We want to note a high-level management of the 3-days event. All delegates were met at the airport and transferred to a hotel. A congress hall was equipped with the latest technology. Synchronous translation was delivered in four languages, none of participants stood aside. The hall was filled with the atmosphere of love, mutual understanding and respect.

The investment education training program was presented so competently that every participant easily understood the point. It was interesting to share views with teams from different countries: Spain, the USA, Ukraine, Belarus, Vietnam, Australia, the Great Britain, Russia and other countries.

On behalf of the International Public Association “Generals of the World — for Peace” we have the honor to express gratitude to Andrey HOVRATOV and his team for such a great opportunity – to COMMUNICATE, to STUDY and to spend time comfortably among supporters!!!