Awarding the SWIG World Leaders – Heads of Peacekeeping Groups of National Sections with the Highest Awards of IPA “Generals of the World – for Peace” – the “Dove of Peace” M...

At the conference EVENTI2019: NEEMI, which took place at the Indira Gandhi Olympic Stadium in Delhi, India, where more than 20 000 people from 50 countries participated, an awarding with highest award of IPA “Generals of the World- for Peace”  – the “Dove of Peace” Medal  took place.

By order of IPA “Generals of the World – for Peace”,  the highest awards of  IPA “Generals of the World- for Peace” – the “Dove of Peace” Medals – were given to 20 SWIG Leaders – heads of peacekeeping groups of National Sections from different countries for active peacekeeping, promotion of peace, friendship and mutual understanding among nations!!!

  • Ukraine                   ISYP MAKSYM
  • Belarus                    CHORNY IHAR
  • Kazakhstan             DZHUSUPBEKOVA ZHAMILA
  • United Kingdom    SERDJUKOVA LJUDMILA
  • Italy                         JALBA PETRU
  • Latvia/Britain      ARMANDS MURNIEKS
  • Russia                    IVCHENKO DMITRIY
  • India                      HARVINDER SING
  • Vietnam                Huynh Ton Ngoc Truoc
  • Australia              ANDREW HAWKES
  • USA                       Nguyen Nina Nhung
  • Oman                    KHALID AL-KHINDI
  • Indonesia             EDWIN SORU
  • Latvia                   ANETE MARTINSONE
  • New Zealand       NEIL MORRISON
  • Colombia            SERGIO OSPINA ARBOLEDA
  • Russia                  STCHASTLIVY  DMITRY
  • Russia                  OSIPOVA TATIANA
  • Mongolia            NARANTUYA AGVAANJAMAA
  • Nigeria                HRISTOPHER FANU


The awarded leaders of the Peacekeeping Groups have created teams of Peacekeepers for the legal registration of national sections!

Congratulations to them on the success!

We hope that within one year, in 20 countries we will have de jure National Sections of IPA “Generals of the World – for Peace”!

The peacekeeping idea comes deep into people’s hearts

and finds more and more supporters!