The conference EVENTI2019: NEEW, which took place at the Indira Gandhi Olympic Stadiumin in Delhi, India,  brought together more than 20 000 people from 50 countries. On October 13, 2019  a grandiose awarding with the rank of General-Peacekeeper took place for the first time!

Based on the Article of Association of the International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace,” the rank of General-Peacekeeper was awarded to the Director General of the SWIG Group of Companies, a creator and founder of the New Economic Evolution of the World Program, the Chairman of the Movement “Millionaires of the World – for Peace” Andrey HOVRATOV.

For the active peacekeeping activity, strengthening of peace, friendship and mutual understanding between nations. And Andrey HOVRATOV’s most important achievement is the creation and unification  of national sections and teams of 20 countries!


Traditionally, the delegation of IPA “Generals of the World – for Peace”: President, Police Major General Anatoly  SKARGHIN and Vice-President, Director of the St. Petersburg Police College  Oleg YARUKHIN awarded Andrey HOVRATOV with General Chase and the highest award of IPA – the “Guard of Peace” Medal!


We sincerely congratulate Andrey Fedorovich on the awarding with the high rank of General-Peacekeeper. We wish you to unite 2 billion people from 175 countries into the NEEW! Your and our goals  are the same in this matter!

Only few people become generals!

Only the best become peacekeepers,

Only the chosen become generals-peacekeepers!

It  is a huge honor to be in  team with such people!

May you have good health and success, may you climb new peaks, may you have happiness in your family !

We believe and hope that in the next 2-3 years we will bring together  10,000,000 peacekeepers from hundred countries, we will actively support the UN and hold events for prevention of terrorist organizations, for decrease in poverty in many countries, due to creation of NEEW, training of financial literacy of 15% of population, and there are a lot of other events to come, which will allow us all to prevent  a World War III.

The challenge is ambitious, but it is realistic, as new economic opportunities have apperared and the peoples are ready for such a situation, ready to unite in the name of peace!

The peoples of the world want to live in peace and harmony! We have created a platform for unification!

The common goal and task – to unite nations, to bring together tens of millions of people! Then we can influence the situation so that people would live in peace and harmony!