WRITERS OF THE WORLD – FOR PEACE! The Annual International Literary Festival OEBF-2019 in Brussels. Open Eurasia-2019!

November 13-17, 2019, the 8th Open Eurasia Book Forum & Literature Festival was held in Brussels, Belgium. It was organized by partners of the International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace”, the Eurasian Art Guild (London) and the British publishing house Hertfordshire Press; The festival joined AidEx  to draw the attention of creative people to humanitarian issues currently affecting most of the post-Soviet countries.

“Open Eurasia” competition has been held since 2012. It is built on the principle of openness and interaction of all arts on the basis of literature, providing an opportunity to establish dialogue and communication within the literary and cultural community and providing an opportunity for authors to declare themselves.

The initiator of the Forum – Honorary Participant of the International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace”, Head of “Writers of the World – for Peace” movement , Silk Road Media Publisher in the UK Mr. Marat AHMEJANOV.

The programme of the OEBF 2019 festival in Brussels was rich and consisted of various events, book presentations, exhibitions, conferences for translators, writers, poets, directors, artists, experts in literature, book publishing, communication.

15 participants from Kyrgyzstan made it to the final of the contest, the following participants were awarded:

Josephine (Berkinaliyeva Sagynbubu) was awarded the Lira prize/medal for the 1st place in Poetry.

Temirbek Joldobayev (3 place in Proza)

Akylbek Jumanaliyev (3 place in Publicism)

Every year the Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum includes the awarding with the highest award of the International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace” – the “Dove of Peace” medal and the presentation of Honorary Certificates of the Association for the best work dedicated to strengthening of peace, friendship and mutual understanding between nations.

At the Literary Festival 2019, the famous poet, writer Lenar Shaehov (Tatarstan/Russia) was awarded the highest award “Dove of Peace” medal.

Honorary certificates of the International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace” were presented to the winners:

Xenia Kirillova (USA)
Alexandra Taan (Russia)
Dandai Iskakula (Kazakhstan)
Bayangali Alimzhanov (Kazakhstan)
Elena Aslanyan (Armenia)
Ludmila Blochina (Russia)
Mikhail Ananov (Georgia)
Dana Zheteeva (Kazakhstan)
Ahmet Akhat (Kazakhstan)
Yufim Saniya (Russia)

A comment by Elena Aslanyan (Armenia) who received the Certificate of Honor of the International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace”:

I, Elena Aslanyan have become the winner at Open Eurasia 2019, and I would like to thank the Association for the honor and the established relations.

Here find please a link to the book trailer of a novel which has won Proza nomination in the final of Open Eurasia 2019.

Yelena Aslanyan


The International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace” expresses a huge gratitude

for the Literary Festival!

Thanks to the organizer Marat Ismailovich for holding

the annual international open interactive competition that brings together

poets, writers, artists, directors, artists,

creative people of any profession from Eurasia and the whole world!

We all have the same goal!

The peoples of the world want to live in peace and harmony!

We have created a platform for unification!

Our common goal and task is to unite nations, to bring together tens of millions of people!

Then we will be able to influence the situation so that people can live in peace and harmony!

This will be our life-time mission!

The peacekeeping idea goes deep into people’s hearts

and finds more supporters!