Our flag’s birthday is on the 27th of March!!!!

Every year, we and our billion people team will celebrate our flag’s birthday – a symbol of Peace and Stability!

We announce a contest for the best lyrics, the best song, the best video for the flag’s birthday!

Winners will be awarded with a badge, a diploma and a symbolic monetary prize, the size of which will be announced a week prior to the ceremony!

Each winner shall become a part of the flag’s history and be included into the book of the Association and “The Bridge of Friendship” program. The whole world will look at you with admiration!

Why was this day chosen the flag’s birthday?

We chose the 27th of March because on this day our flag took off into space with the Russian-American crew to the ISS!

Everyone can participate in the contest: peacekeepers, volunteers, volunteers-peacekeepers, honorary participants, generals, adults and children, students, and even their parents!

An independent commission will determine the winners, the vote will be announced on the web. Let’s have fun and spend interesting time!

Information about the flag’s history is availble in Russian and English on the request.