Opening of the office of the Indian National Section

On August 14, the first and the largest in the Eurasian continent, the Indian National Section of "Generals of the World - for Peace" was registered.

Later, its grand opening took place in Imphal, Manipur. The main objectives to be followed by the Association's representative office were stated and announced. In addition to traditional and fundamental tasks - to support peace and love, to promote eternal values, the Indian national section has approved social, humanitarian and cultural tasks.

The National Section Leaders are President Consam Jimbu Singh and Oinam Shantirani (Dr. Lydia). Such a pleasure to know that the roots of peacemaking still live in the depths of the great Indian people. We do believe that St. Theresa of Calcutta's words: "I will never join a movement against war... call me, when a movement for peace appears", will have a tangible, profound meaning.

Friendship for peace and may you have success in all endeavors!