The Peacekeepers’ Map


PEACE is a word of many aspects. Peace means NO WAR! Peace on the whole planet, in every country! Peace in every family and every soul! Peaceful childhood and peaceful future! It is amazing but the most significant and profound appeal to PEACE has been done by a child. And those lines from the childs’ song have been translated into many languages and today are understandable in all corners of the planet.

Let always be the Sun!
Let always be Heaven!
Let always be Mama!
Let always be me!

If there is a more important challenge in the world than a child dreaming of Peace and drawing the Sun? The sun that shines equally to all people, all countries, nationalities and religions. Peace is a great salvatory magnet to which sooner or later all the ships and all the travellers will come, no matter how distant they are.

The International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace” announces the beginning of “The Peacekeepers’ Map” Project. Here, every resident of the planet who cares about the ideas of peace, friendship and well-being on Earth can leave a part of his heart.

Register and YOU will see how many of us are there all over the world, and the whole world will see that you are FOR PEACE, and the WHOLE WORLD stands with you. There are many of us, we are of different ages, from different cities and countries, and perhaps we live on different continents, but on this map your and my heart beat together, which means we are united, we are for the future – WE ARE FOR PEACE!

To register, you need to fill in the form: first name, country and city of residence. A heart will appear on the PEACEKEEPERS’ MAP in the part of the world, the country and the city, which you indicated during registration.

Have you done it? CONGRATULATIONS! You have taken a step to become a peacemaker. Let your family, friends and relatives support this project and join the planet-scale peacekeeping movement.

And remember: Peace is the supreme good that people desire in this life. Peace is comfort and prosperity! Peace is a whole universe, it is the fragile planet Earth! Peace is the inner and spiritual world of humans! Peace is a foundation of a stable life. It is the basis for the development of a country and all its citizens. Peace gives us many benefits and ensures human rights. In peacetime we can learn and work, develop and grow up in material and spiritual terms.

We seek peace because we know that peace is the climate of freedom.

(Dwight Eisenhower)