The Peacekeeper’s Corner

The main purpose of the International Public Association “Generals of the World – for Peace” is to strengthen peace, friendship, mutual understanding between nations and to promote patriotic education of young people! Under fundamentally new socio-economic conditions, the education of the younger generation in the spirit of peacemaking is of great importance for the construction of civil society in the country.

This term refers to education in the spirit of peace, international understanding and cooperation, respect for the honour and dignity of others, and the understanding and exercise by everyone of rights and obligations as citizens of a country and the international community. Stability, civil harmony and peace in the future will depend on this task.

“The Peacekeeper’s Corner ” has become popular and received high feedback from students, teachers, school psychologists and parents, and it is widely used in the Kyrgyz Republic and beyond.

“The Peacekeeper ‘s Corner” Program is a set of patriotic, international, ecological, technical and sports activities that build the foundations for international peacekeeping educational training and comprehensive development of schoolchildren. The program should become a guide in bringing students to norms of tolerant behaviour, countering  extremism, resisting any form of it in the neighborhood, in the information space, especially on the Internet. Formation of negative attitude towards violence, creation of a basis for reduction of social orientation in the environment, in society, in the state.

First of all, “The Peacekeeper’s Corner” implies the creation of attributes, an emblem, a stand or separate premises on the territory of an educational institution with information on the activities of the young peacekeepers movement, the exhibition of schoolchildren’ works on a peacekeeping topic, the publication of peace competitions, and  other materials made by students. Initiation of a Peace School Museum.

Holding of exhibitions devoted to Peace, memorials, historical materials in  Peacekeeper’s Corners where official sources, methodological documents of a province, city, district and a country as a whole are used, as well as works and ideas of teachers and schoolchildren. Holding of seminars, meetings of teachers, directors and persons to monitor the Peacekeepers Corners. The size of the Peacekeeper ‘s Corner and its content are to be adapted to the conditions and capabilities of a school and are to be based on the possible financial resources of the school, support from IGA “Generals of the World – for Peace,” its units, national sections, and school parental committees, parents and students.

It is planned to involve and motivate students to take part in the Peacekeeper’s Corners, its various directions, sections, and to expand significantly their types and contents.