The Bell of Peace

The Bell of Peace Project

by the International Public Association "Generals of the World - for Peace"

On September 21, 1981, the UN General Assembly issued a resolution to establish the International Day of Peace. This holiday symbolizes a general ceasefire and the rejection of violence. It is assumed that people on this day should think about their deeds, about what each of us did for Peace. The beginning of the ceremony is notified by a Bell of Peace, which, in addition to the Day of Peace, rings on the spring equinox day – the Day of Earth.

The UN idea of creating the Bell of Peace turned out to be magnificent and poetic almost forty years ago, and it is eve more vital today. Civilization has made a huge journey, and it stepped into a new epoch of digital technology and scientific breakthroughs; however, new and unchanged values are now experiencing an unprecedented shortage of new modern meanings and incarnations. The meaning of peace, the price paid for it and the need for all, must find a worthy embodiment and the opportunity to remind of its value, its greatness and strength.

Today's way of life has changed so much that even the largest humanitarian project with sincere and universal goals cannot be productive without becoming global, comprehensive and accessible. Such a project, devoted to peace, friendship and harmony, should find monumental and highly artistic forms to awake people in all parts of the world and be transmitted to subsequent generations, to become a good tradition.

One can imagine how the excellent idea of ​ the United Nations project could become a symbolic embodiment of the purest hopes and aspirations of earthlings, to symbolize our unity in values and ideals, if only it gets new creative content and a deeper meaning. How unique and inspiring this universal ringing could be if thousands of bells in all continents, countries and cities of the Planet would merge into a single hymn to the great good - peace and universal harmony.

The International Public Association "Generals of the World - for Peace" has the honor to present our project - the Bell of Peace, inspired by the UN and supported by our supporters in many countries of the world. Its purpose is to proclaim the ideals of peace and renounce violence, an occasion to remind people how fragile our Planet is and that each person, by good or bad deeds, is able to improve it or bring it to death.

With the support and participation of local authorities, installations in the form of monuments, sculptures of bells are planned to be installed in parks, squares or other public places provided by the local authorities. Such areas can become iconic places for holding various events, including solemn, official, private, etc. The main thing is that such an event would not contradict the peaceful theme and purpose of the Bell of Peace.

The idea of the Bell of Peace complex is embodied in a small architectural form; it begins as an alley with a Wall of Peacekeepers on it, which leads to a central composition - the Bell of Peace made in the form of white pigeon wings holding a bronze bell. The Wall of Peacekeepers is a plate installed vertically and lined with white marble, cut by a beam of sun, along which a flock of pigeons made of bronze takes off. And in bronze letters are written the names of peacekeepers who made a significant contribution to the peace movement.

The project should perform not only a memorial and public, but also a socio-infrastructural function. The composition is supposed to be installed in the center of a park or square, equipped as a family recreation area for walks, meetings, dates. In addition to ceremonies and cultural events, visiting such a park with wedding ceremonies for laying flowers would harmoniously fit into the already existing tradition on the day of marriage. The Bell of Peace ringing would symbolize family harmony, peace on the planet for many years for the newlyweds and their children.

And of course, every year on September 21 - the International Day of Peace - each Bell by its good ringing would announce the beginning of a universal truce and a ceasefire. Dozens and hundreds of similar messengers of peace throughout the Earth would merge into a single, proud, triumphant call back. At such moments, everyone would hold everyday fuss, and think about the most important and valuable thing in life - about peace and harmony.

According to the “General of the World - for Peace” Project, the Bells of Peace should be installed in cities where our National Sections are represented, or on the initiative of participants in sectoral movements, as a symbol of peace, friendship, brotherhood and solidarity of peoples living in our common house called Earth. Today, the International Public Association operates in many countries of the world. We expand the geography and orientation of programs, and we strongly believe in the inviolability of our values, in the strength and creative potential of our projects, and most importantly, in our participants, true peacekeepers, and people of true and bright aspirations. This is the foundation of our movement, the key to the continued success of all our plans.

In the very beginning, the Association received blessings from the leaders of major religious confessions: the Muslims of the Kyrgyz Republic, representatives of the Orthodox and Catholic churches, the Jewish religious organization and Buddhist monks. Today, our participants are like-minded people, friends and partners, people of different beliefs and views, united by a desire for harmony, for peace. However, we are not going to stop in expanding our geography; our movement is still in the search for modern and effective tools and initiatives that meet the goals of our mission. We are looking for new partners, friends who share the values ​ ​ of peacemaking and are ready to build the good future, those who are ready to accept our ideas, to share the spirit of our project and stand at the forefront of the movement "For Peace."

The potential and resource of the project is difficult to measure with mathematical quantities, but it definitely carries the most important socio-social and consolidating function connecting generations and peoples. And the historical and reputational profitability of the project is enormous. In the 175 countries of the world where the idea will be realized, our Peace Bell will be accompanied by the installation of an honorary Wall of peacekeepers, where it is planned to perpetuate the names of those who responded to the call to action in the name of peace and good life on Earth.

The potential and resource of the project is difficult to measure with mathematical quantities; it definitely carries the most important social and consolidating function to connect generations and peoples. The historical and reputational profitability of the project is enormous. In 175 countries of the world where the idea will be implemented into life, the Bell of Peace will be accompanied by the honorary Wall of Peacekeepers, where it is planned to perpetuate the names of those who responded to the call to action in the name of peace and life on Earth.

Let the voice of the Bell of Peace of the "Generals of the World - for Peace" Project reach your hearts! Hold your thoughts for a moment, and think about peace, about, our common future. Peaceful life should be the property of everyone living on this beautiful planet!