How to become our member

Before Registering, you need to choose the status of your participation in our project for Peace:

1) Volunteer-registration without payment;

2) Peacemaker volunteer-you need to make an annual charitable contribution of 5 USD;

3) Peacekeeper-a status that will allow you to assemble your team of Peacemakers, get the status of a Team Leader and advance as the number of participants in your group increases on the scale of ranks:

from Lieutenant-Peacekeeper to Colonel-General Peacemaker

If you make a one-time 150 USD - 100 USD charitable contribution, 50 USD for the certificate,

THE CERTIFICATE IS MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR ORGANIZATION, USING NATURAL MATERIALS.The cost of delivering the Certificates to other countries (outside of Kyrgyzstan) is paid by the Recipient! (The price depends on the tariff of the postal companies)

After receiving the certificate, You will be awarded the status of Peacemaker, this will give you the opportunity to advance in the structure of ranks up to Colonel General Peacemaker. And the number of participants in your team should also grow according to the given rank scale.

For example: to receive a title of "Major General - Peacemaker," the user needs to recruit one "Colonel - Peacemaker", one "Lieutenant Colonel - Peacemaker", 12 people with the status of Peacemaker, as well as register 4,400 (four thousand four hundred) referrals in the structure of team.

The system automatically allocates the titles to users upon reaching the required condition specified in the table.

Based on these data on achieving the ranks, the President of IPA “Generals of the World - for Peace” issues an official order on the assignment of the title.