of the International Public Association “Generals of the World — for Peace”

We, the International Public Association “Generals of the World — for Peace” appeal to all humans on Earth to stop all and any military conflicts, violence and LIE!!!”

Today the mankind has approached and perhaps has already crossed the red line of irreversible processes when the well-known Hamlet’s question “To BE or NOT to be?” becomes the fact life of all humans in the world. A huge amount of weapon has been created using the up-to-date achievements of science and technology, and it is extremely dangerous to use, as no winners will survive in a global war, and no mankind. Nevertheless, the arms race is on and on, and no country in the world, even a superpower, is capable to stop this madness and reverse the situation.

Along with it there is a total destruction of fundamental moral values and the absolute religious truth. As a result, to achieve mercenary objectives some political groups increasingly use the methods of fueling of large-scale socio-political conflicts in the ugliest form and with terrifying cruelty.

Today nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. The world is changing so quickly and no one can fence off the reality . Every person has to ask himself/herself a question – will we be able to survive? Will we be able to maintain livable condition on the planet? Our future and future of our children depend on ourselves and our civic stand.

It is notable that generals as professionals in war and peace and as the people who truly understand the notion of PEACE have united in the International Association “Generals of the World — for Peace”. The Association has initiated a global movement of all the mankind progressive forces to stop military conflicts. We have initiated and begun an international peacekeeping mission “The Peace March” which will go all over four continents of the planet. A motto of the March is “Say No to War!” We all must unite in fight for peace, irrespective of nationality, race or confession. For this reason we had been supported by all traditional world religions. We are not against globalization, but for globalization of all peaceful forces of the mankind. Only in unity we will be able to make peace and stay responsible for the mankind ‘s survival.

A remarkable beginning of the Peace March was the expedition to the North Pole initiated by the Association. Symbolical is the fact that it is the top point of the planet; it has hard Arctic climate, it is free from human evil, it is virgin pure. The expedition reached the North Pole on August 20, 2014 and set up the flag of the Association which had become a symbol of the March. Now this flag is fluttering with rushes of severe Arctic wind, and let its peacekeeping waves filled with spirit of Mother Nature spread all over the planet and make the hearts of those who cares for peace beat as one on impulse of peacekeeping and world defence.


The Peacemakers Team