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Application for membership in the Cosmonauts of the World - for Peace

Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia KORNIENKO MIKHAIL BORISOVICH..

Fifty-five years ago, on April 12, 1961, at 10 a.m. Moscow time, TASS transmitted a message about the first human flight to outer space, this message was distributed around the world 55 minutes after the start of the flight. The feat of Yuri Gagarin meant the birth of a new era for humanity, the birth of new hopes and horizons. In the desire to know the Universe, since the first flight of man into space, the earthlings have lived half a century for good reason. A human representative stepped on to the moon, people learned to live and work in near-Earth orbit for a long time, and launch spacecrafts into near and far space. In total, after Yuri Gagarin’s flight more than 500 people from 38 countries visited space.

Today, we can say that the so-called space powers club has formed – those countries sent their representatives or spacecrafts into space.

For almost 40 years of human orbiting the Earth, first the astronauts saw the beauty of the Planet from orbital heights, then technology made this accessible to all Earthlings. You can watch the pictures of the Blue Planet for hours and admire its beauty, greatness and the miracle of the universe. However, to feel fully the fragility of our home in the Universe, its insurmountable, majestic attraction is fully accessible, probably, still only to astronauts. Therefore, our messengers in the ungodly space are destined from above to carry knowledge, love for the world, and sow the seeds of the good sacrament of unity and harmony in our common house, which is called the Earth.

Fate gave us a chance and an opportunity to be part of a family whose members joined the space powers club and our movement "For Peace" found an alliance to which all its participants were probably doomed. IPA "Generals of the World - for Peace" fulfilled the old dream; we supported the birth of brotherly alliance by sending a flag to the Space height! On March 27, 2015 at 22:42 Moscow time the flag of IPA "Generals of the World - for Peace", as a part of international mission, was taken to the International Space Station in a launcher "Soyuz-FG" with the piloted ship Soyuz TMA-16M which started from Baykonur.

On board was the crew: Russian cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko and NASA astronaut Scott Kelly Joseph. The symbol of Peace and Stability circled the Earth on the ISS more than 5,500 times!!! This significant event initiated by our Association got sincere support among the famous astronauts of many countries. The success of this action owes the timeliness and urgency of a simple and accessible idea - to unite facets of modern civilization at such important moment of human history.

The fusion of the highest achievements of science, technology, progress and the best values of human existence - peace and harmony - formed a single monolith, the movement "Astronauts of the World - for Peace." The huge path, many meetings with astronauts, the integrity and productivity of the idea became the key to the successful launch of the “Austronauts of the World for Peace” program. Today, 5 cosmonauts have already become honorary participants in this sectoral movement: Y. Lonchakov, S. Zaletin, Y. Onufrienko, Mongolian cosmonaut Gurragchaa Zugderdamiyin.

The true conductor of our plans for the integration of cosmonautics and peacemaking was the honorary participant of IPA  Generals of the World for Peace, the first cosmonaut of the Kyrgyz Republic, Hero of Kyrgyzstan and Russia Salizhan SHARIPOV, who led the “Cosmonauts of the World for Peace” movement of our Association. On the solemn day of launch, he handed the flag to the pilot - cosmonaut of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Mikhail KORNIENKO, who took the flag to the ISS. Salizhan was awarded the awards of our Association for active peacekeeping, including the "Dove of Peace" medal which was also awarded to cosmonauts: hero of Russia G. Padalka, Hero of Russia M. Kornienko, American astronaut Kelly Scott Joseph. Mongolian cosmonaut Gurragchaa Zhugderdamiyin, Colonel of the Airborne Forces Mikhail Sinitsyn, who first organized the meeting in the Star City, was awarded the medal of the Association "On Guard of Peace."

On April 30, 2017, the solemn transfer of the flag of IPA "Generals of the World - for Peace," which was aboard the International Space Station, took place. After its return to Earth, the Chairman of the movement "Astronauts of the World — for Peace" handed the flag back to the Association and a letter from the Chief of the Astronauts Training Center Y. Lonchakov. The letter contains the words of support of our movement, warm advice and hope for further cooperation for the sake of peace, friendship and mutual understanding. This is also a confirmation of unity of world cosmonautics in the ideals and philosophy of peacemaking.

The delegation of IPA "Generals of the World - for Peace," headed by the head of the Association, twice visited the Star City and the Museum of Y. Gagarin. Memorable photographs were made at the unique exhibits of the museum, and a photo in Y. Gagarin’s work room. Today, our flag represents the planetary movement "For Peace" in that sacred place for the whole world and cosmonautics in particular. The gift badge "Our Partner" No. 1 "Generals of the World - for Peace," in the presence of the delegation of the Association, was given to the chief custodian of the funds of the Cosmonautics Museum Elena Yesina to be installed in Y. Gagarin’s museum. A commemorative sign about our partnership was also installed in the Star City. It reminds visitors of the direction in which the advanced technical thought should move and who fills it with spiritual meanings - astronauts who care of the fate of the most beautiful place in the Universe. The American astronaut Jim Lovell said:

"Our planet is the most beautiful sight in the universe. The people who live on it have no idea what they own. Maybe because only a few of them have the opportunity to break away from the Earth and then return to it again, as we did. "

One thing is clear: we all must understand what we own and that the Earth is our common home, in which we all and our descendants will live. For this, there is the movement "Astronauts of the World - for Peace" of the International Public Association "Generals of the World - for Peace."

Application for membership in the Cosmonauts of the World - for Peace